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Ddukbaegi bulgogi, Korean marinated beef in hot pot
뚝배기 불고기

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quick n easy
nut free
prep time: 
15 min
inactive time: 
30 min
cooking time: 
15 min
total time: 
60 min

Do you love bulgogi (marinated beef)? Try this amazing ddukbaegi bulgogi recipe! The combo of a sizzling hot pot (ddukbaegi or stone bowl), your favorite mushrooms, glass noodles and perilla leaves will take your bulgogi eating experience to the next level. This is an easy way to impress your friends and special guests.

Ddukbaegi means "hot pot" and bulgogi means "fire meat" in Korean. However, this dish is not spicy. The name "fire meat" comes from the traditional cooking method of grilling marinated beef on fire. Today, most Koreans pan-fry bulgogi at home.

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11 ozSliced Beef Sirloin 불고기용 등심 (can use other thinly sliced cuts)
2 ozGlass Noodles 당면
½ Onion (Medium) 양파
Green Onion 파
¼ cupSoy Sauce (regular) 왜간장
3 tbsSugar 설탕
1 tspGarlic (minced) 다진 마늘
⅓ cupWater 물
pinch Black Pepper 후추
2 tbsCheongju, Korean Rice Wine 청주 (optional)
50 Portobello mushroom (optional)
1 ozOyster Mushroom 느타리 버섯 (optional)
1 ozEnochi Mushroom 팽이버섯 (optional)
½ ozPerilla Leaf, Kaet-nip 깻잎 (about 5 leaves, optional)
½ ozSilgochu, Chili Pepper Thread 실고추 (optional)

Optional Ingredients and Substitutions
Portobello mushroom, oyster mushroom & enoki mushroom: You can use any mushrooms you love.
Perilla leaves: Perilla leaves have a very distinct flavor and aroma which can be an excellent addition to this dish. But it will be still delicious without them.
Cheongju (korean rice wine): You can use sake or white wine instead or you can omit it.
Sugar: Sugar can be replaced with brown sugar, honey or pineapple juice.
Beef sirloin: You can use other part of beef as long as it's very thinly sliced (1/16" or 2 mm thick). Of course, the better the quality of beef, the tastier the dish will be.

Spicy variation
Add 1 tsp of gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) for a spicy version. It's heavenly!

More questions? Please leave your questions below in the comments section. We will do our best to answer as soon as we can.

Ingredient amounts in the recipe instructions are for the default serving size.
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Ingredient amounts in the recipe summary are for the default serving size.

1. Prepare glass noodle

Soak 50 g of glass noodle in room temperature water for at least 30 min, rinse and drain.

image: DBGBGG01.JPG


50g glass noodle

image: clock.png 30 min



2. Prepare garlic & green onions.

Mince 3 cloves of garlic and chop a green onion.

image: DBGBGG02.JPG

Mince 3 cloves garlic

Chop 1 green onion

3. Marinate beef.

In a bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of sugar, ⅓ cup water, 2 tablespoons cheongju (optional), 1 teaspoon of minced garlic and a pinch of black pepper. Marinate the beef with this mix. Leave it for 30 min.

image: DBGBGG03.JPG


  • 4 tbs soy sauce
  • 3 tbs sugar
  • ⅓ cup water
  • 2 tbs cheong ju
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • a pinch black pepper

Marinate beef

image: clock.png 30 min

4. Julienne vegetables.

Cut ½ onion, ¼ carrot and 4 perilla leaves (optional) into julienne strips.

image: DBGBGG04.JPG


  • ½ onion
  • ¼ carrot
  • 4 perilla leaves

5. Prepare mushrooms

Wash and slice 1 portobello mushroom. Cut 2-3 oyster mushrooms into bite sizes. Wash enoki mushrooms and cut off the roots.

image: DBGBGG05.JPG

Wash & slice

  • 50g portobello mushroom
  • 30g oyster mushroom


  • 30g enoki mushroom
  • Cut roots

6. Cook beef

Preheat 2-3 Korean stone bowls or hot pots (Dduk Bae Gi or Dol Sot) on low heat for 1-2 min. Then, add beef with all the marinade and cook on high heat for 3-5 min (or until it’s half cooked). You may need more stone bowls depending on how many servings you are making. You can make this dish in a regular pot and serve it on a plate.

image: DBGBGG06.JPG

Preheat stonebowl

Low Heat image: lowheat.png image: clock.png 1 min

Cook beef

  • with all marinade

High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 4 min

7. Add vegetables

Add onions, carrots, portobello mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and glass noodles. Cook on medium heat with a lid for another 5 min or until beef is fully cooked, stirring once in a while.

image: DBGBGG07.JPG


  • onions
  • carrots
  • portobello mushrooms
  • oyster mushrooms
  • glass noodles

Cook with lid

Med Heat image: medheat.png image: clock.png 5 min

8. Add enoki & perilla leaves

Add enoki mushrooms and perilla leaves and cook for another 1 min with a lid on.

image: DBGBGG08.JPG


  • enoki mushrooms
  • perilla leaves


Med Heat image: medheat.png image: clock.png 1 min

9. Garnish and serve

Garnish with silghochu (dried chili pepper threads) (optional) and chopped green onions. Enjoy!

image: DBGBGG09.JPG

Garnish with

  • silghochu (dried chili pepper threads)
  • chopped green pepper