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Steamed cabbage Wrap, Yangbaechu Ssam

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quick n easy
prep time: 
5 min
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0 min
cooking time: 
10 min
total time: 
15 min

Ssam is a whole assortment of leaf-wrapped goodies often stuffed with meat, rice and spicy condiments. Yangbaechu, also known as green cabbage or western cabbage, is readily available in supermarkets year round. Unlike the other leafy greens used for ssam, Yangbaechu is steamed beforehand to bring out its sweetness and help make it pliable for wrapping. The steaming process enhances the cabbage’s natural sugars that pairs well with spicy ssamjang while retaining a bit of its crunchiness for interest.

Ssam is particularly tasty topped with sliced garlic, peppers or with banchan (side dishes). To make ssam, place the leaf in the palm of your hand, add rice, banchan and top it off with ssamjang. Gently close the wrap and pop the whole bundle in your mouth. Special ssam making tip: keep the wrap “bite sized” or small enough to fit in your mouth. It’s considered good luck to eat your ssam in one bite!

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2 ozCabbage 양배추 (about ¼)
1½ cups  Water 물

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1. Prepare Cabbage

Remove the thickest outer leaves and damaged leaves. Cut the cabbage into quarters and cut off the core.

image: MYBCAA01.JPG


  • thickest outer leaves
  • damaged leaves


  • into quarters
  • cut off the core

2. Tear leaves & wash

Tear off each leaf and wash.

image: MYBCAA02.JPG

Take off each leaf


3. Steam

Boil 1½ cups of water in a steamer. Place the ¼ cabbage in the steam basket. Cover and steam on high heat for 10 minutes (or until the leaves turn transparent).

image: MYBCAA03.JPG


  • 1½ cups of water

Cabbage in the steamer



  • High Heat image: highheat.png image: clock.png 10 min
  • until transparent

4. Serve

Serve with a bowl of rice and gangdoenjang(boiled soybean paste) or ssamgjang .

image: MYBCAA04.JPG


  • rice and gangdoenjang (or ssamjang)