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Black Soybeans 검은콩/서리태

Key Nutrients: 
Antioxidants, Essential Amino Acids, Vitamin E
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Black Soybeans (검은콩 or 서리태) [gum-un-kong or suh-re-tae] are a unique variety of soybean named for their darker-colored seed coat. In Korea they are often cooked with rice and served as a side dish. They are a popular alternative to regular soybeans, such as tofu, because of their higher nutrition content. Vegeterians like black soybeans because they are also high in protein. Additionally, the vitamin E in them acts as a strong antioxidant and also has an anti-aging effect for skin. Black Soy milk is also very popular. Black soybeans are sold dry.

Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery market
You can use Latin Black Beans (Haricot Beans) or regular soybeans. However, the taste will not be the same.
How to Measure: 
Use measuring spoons and cups if possible. Use the same spoon or cup for all ingredients to keep the same proportions.

If the package isn't opened, store in cool and dark environment. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

If you opened the package, we recommend storing it in our Airtight Containers to store them to keep them dry. Black Soybeans will sprout if exposed to moisture so it is important to keep them dry.

Wash them throughly and then soak in water for at least 4 hours prior to cooking. Remember to wash only the amount you will be cooking.


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Recipes using Black Soybeans 검은콩/서리태