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Ginseng 인삼

98kcal (100g)
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Ginseng is known as "the secret of perpetual youth" in Korea. Koreans love to eat ginseng to recuperate their strength when they feel tired and low. It is usually available in dried form, which makes it easier to store for a long time. Ginseng is one of the most popular healthy foods, but people with high blood pressure or high body temperature should avoid eating it too much.
You can use ginseng in different ways. It is one of the main ingredients in Ginseng Chicken Soup ("Samgyetang"). Also, you can make ginseng tea, ginseng liquor, ginseng water or ginseng preserved in honey.

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery store
How to Measure: 
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Seal and keep it in the refrigerator (1ºC ~ 5ºC).

Wash thoroughly under running water.

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Cut off the ginseng head.

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Nutrition and Health Facts: 

Niacin 0.60mg
Sodium 18.00mg
Protein 4.50g
Glucide 20.20g
Retinol 0.00μg
β O Carotene 0.00μg
Vitamin A 0.00μgRE
Vitamin B1 0.05mg
Vitamin B2 0.14mg
Vitamin B6 0.03mg
Vitamin C 15.00mg
Vitamin E 0.39mg
Dietary Fiber 4.52g
Zinc 0.16mg
Folic Acid 5.20μg
Phosphorus 97.00mg
Lipid 0.30g
Iron 8.30mg
Potassium 324.00mg
Calcium 113.00mg
Cholesterol 0.00mg
Ash 1.40g
(of 100 grams of ginseng)


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Recipes using Ginseng 인삼