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Clone of Cheongyang Chili Pepper 청양고추

Key Nutrients: 
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If you want to make your dish extra spicy, Cheongyang chili pepper ("Cheongyang gochu") is the right answer!
This particular chili pepper is the hottest chili pepper in Korea and has the strongest fiery flavour. "Cheongyang" is the name of the region in Korea, where these peppers were first produced. Cheongyang chili pepper contains more capsaicin than other typical chili peppers (even more than jalapeño peppers!). Rich in capsaicin and vitamin C, it helps fat metabolism. However, it will hurt your stomach if you eat too much. Just use a little to kick it up a notch! If you are not brave enough to try it as it is, simply remove the seeds to make it less spicy.

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Sourcing & Selecting

Korean grocery store
If you don't have it, you can use regular green chili peppers or jalapeño peppers (fresh ones, not pickled).
How to Measure: 
1/4 cup of chopped chilli peppers = 37.5 g (source:
Seal in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator (0ºC ~ 5ºC ). You may keep the cut peppers in the freezer for later use as well, but it may lose some hot flavour.

Remove the stem end.

image: nopic250.png

Wash thoroughly under running water.

image: nopic250.png

Nutrition and Health Facts: 

Niacin 1.20mg
Sodium 10.00mg
Protein 2.40g
Glucide 0.40g
Retinol 0.00μg
β O Carotene 8100.00μg
Vitamin A 1350.00μgRE
Vitamin B1 0.20mg
Vitamin B2 0.34mg
Vitamin B6 0.27mg
Vitamin C 15.80mg
Vitamin E 0.69mg
Dietary Fiber 7.760g
Zinc 0.12mg
Folic Acid 92.00μg
Phosphorus 57.00mg
Lipid 0.50g
Iron 1.10mg
Potassium 236.00mg
Calcium 15.00mg
Cholesterol 0.00mg
Ash 0.80g
(of 100 grams of cheongyang chili pepper)


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