4 x USDA Organic Kosher Gochugaru, Hot Pepper Flakes, 10.6 OZ


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USDA Certified Organic, OU Kosher Gochugaru 10.6 oz – Includes FOUR units. FREE SHIPPING IN USA (except Hawaii & Alaska)

  • 4 x USDA Certified Organic Kosher Korean Red Hot Chili Pepper Flakes, Coarse powder (12 mesh)
  • OU certified kosher, Gluten-freePackaged in safe and clean manufacturing process (HACCP certified), BPA free inner packaging
  • New Harvest every year
  • Medium spicy with a hint of sweetness (SHU 3000-6000)
  • Grown in Korea, Packaged in Korea
  • Best for all types of kimchi, spicy soups, stew & stir-fry, giving a spicy kick to any non-Korean food

Ingredients: 100% organic red chili pepper (produced in Korea)Packaging: vinyl bag (BPF-free inner packaging)
Content Weight: 10.6 OZ (300 g) x 4
Shelf Life: 1 year from the packaged date when stored in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Store refrigerated at 41°F or below to extend shelf life for an additional year.
Origin: Product of Korea
Also known as: red chili flakes, red pepper flakes, red chili powder – coarse, 고춧가루, gochugaru
Storage & Care
Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, seal tightly and keep in the refrigerator or freezer.
Ingredients: 100% organic red chili pepper (produced in Korea)


Red chili pepper flake (“Gochugaru” in Korean) is one of the key ingredients in Korean cooking. It cannot be replaced with chili flakes or sauces from other cultures when cooking authentic Korean food.

How is our Organic Gochugaru made? Our gochugaru is made from 100% organic chili peppers, naturally grown in the highlands of Korea. The unique climate and rich soil of these regions contribute to the delicious balance of spiciness and sweetness in the chili peppers, as well as their rich red color. High quality chili peppers are selected and cleaned with air and brushes. Next, they are dried, ground and thoroughly inspected for any impurities. Our facility is HACCP and kosher certified, and operates under strict food safety standards.

What can gochugaru be used for? It is perfect for all types of kimchi, spicy soups, stew & stir-fry or giving a spicy kick to any non-Korean food.

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